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Martin Nedved

Martin Nedved

Co-Founder, CEO

Martin Nedved is the CEO and Co-Founder of AIMS API. Martin combines expertise of production music and music business in general with strong interest and experience in technology and software development. This, combined with deep knowledge of audio-visual industry, especially TV broadcasters, enabled him to start AIMS API.

Before starting AIMS API, Martin started neighbouring rights collecting agency for production music musicians and libraries and ran Studio Fontana, the leading production music company in Central Europe for the past ten years. He holds a law degree and practised copyright law.

He is currently the chairman of the European Production Music Committee and the vice-chairman of the Czech Neighbouring Rights society INTERGRAM. He also chairs the Czech Association of Independent Record Companies and co-chairs the Czech Music Publishers Association.

Viktor Parma

Viktor Parma

Co-Founder, Head of Research

Viktor Parma is a Co-Founder and the Head of Research at AIMS API. Viktor is responsible for the core AI technology and leads research and development of new product features and the machine learning models. He is trying to fulfill his vision of intelligent machines helping people achieve their full potential and creativity.

Previously, as the founder of Tone Technology, he has worked on multiple audio-related technologies, including media monitoring and automated public announcement systems. He spent 4 years as Research and Development Specialist at Mediaresearch, now Nielsen Admosphere.

Viktor is an active musician involved in Prague’s electronic music scene. He is an experienced music producer, recording engineer and sound editor. He holds a master´s degree in Electrical Engineering and Informatics from Czech Technical University in Prague.

Einar M. Helde

Einar M. Helde

Co-Founder, Head of Business Development

Head of Business Development at AIMS API, Einar Helde, is a seasoned production music executive with a background in business and commercial law. In addition to AIMS, Einar is also co-founder of NRG Agency an agency specializing in collecting neighboring rights royalties for production music companies, composers, and performers around the world, as well as the owner of the production music company APL Publishing.

Einar is a member of the European Production Music Committee and has worked with production music sub-publishing in Europe for more than a decade.

The deep understanding of the production music industry and its complexities led Einar to co-found AIMS API. An Innovative AI Music tech company that revolutionizes the possibilities for accurate and creative search & recommendation solutions for the media and synch industry. Einars' role is to show clients how they can benefit from the tools, and find new applications of the sophisticated and powerful AIMS technology.

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